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we provide
customized decorative panels & wood working

Paneru is a class of customized architectural and interior & exterior design products produced by CV. Technica Purnama in Bandung, made in order to meet your various decoration designs. We’re always ready to provide you our best services in creating the masterpieces you’ve always wanted in/on your building spaces. For all your routing and engraving requirements, we are equipped with CNC machines handled by professionals for the material choice of yours. These include HMR, MDF, WPC, ACP, PVC, GRC, and Solid Wood. Furthermore, we also use advanced fiber optic laser machines for various cutting on acrylics, gravo, and leather, as well as marking/engraving needs on anodized materials, stainless steel, brass, tungsten, and copper.






Each panel has a different story. Some of our projects have an interesting story that can inspire you.

Decorative Door

PANERU could also fullfils your expectation about your desirable decoratives doors

Delapan Padi

A restaurant with a unique concept located in Bandung that has some unique panels by PANERU.

Masjid Al-Barokah

Located at Buah Batu, Bandung, Masjid Al-Barokah has some interior panels by PANERU.

Great Asia Africa

Exterior facade for better exterior at Great Asia Africa tourist area, Lembang, West Java  using ACP material.



Here are some about PANERU’s activities. Check Out!

Room Divider dan Mihrab Bikin Rumah Makin Nyaman

Hallo sobat PANERU, Apa kabar? Ngapain aja nih selama PPKM Darurat ini? Buat kamu-kamu yang pas bengong di rumah mikirin ide-ide segar biar bikin rumah kamu makin nyaman, yuk kepoin[…]

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Façade by PANERU

Hallo sobat PANERU, Apa kabar? Ngapain aja nih selama PPKM Darurat ini? Daripada bengong, yuk baca newsletter PANERU kali ini. Proyek yang telah diselesaikan PANERU seminggu sebelum pemberlakuan masa PPKM[…]

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PANERU’s Latest Project

Hallo sobat PANERU, Kali ini, PANERU ingin bagikan lagi 2 proyek terakhir yang PAENRU baru selesaikan. Yang pertama yaitu pemasangan façade rumah yang baru selesai dibangun. Dua proyek kali ini[…]

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